Refund Policy

We strive to make sure that your experience of ordering food, drinks and other items via the AirService™ platform is flawless, but we understand that sometimes things go wrong. That’s where this policy comes in.

If you have experienced a problem with an order you placed via the AirService™ platform, you should raise it with the venue concerned in the first instance. Examples of problems include:

  • You placed an order with a venue and it wasn’t delivered.
  • The venue delivered the incorrect order to you.
  • There was something wrong with the food, drinks or other items that were delivered to you.
  • You were charged incorrectly (for example, you were charged for items you didn’t order, or the amount you were charged for certain items was wrong).

In most cases, the venue will be able to fix the problem. However, if you’re still not satisfied after raising your concerns with the venue, email us at with all of the details (including the name of the venue, the date of your visit, the nature of your complaint and the steps you’ve already taken to raise it with the venue). We’ll discuss the problem with the venue to try to understand what went wrong.

Regardless of the outcome of that discussion, we will offer you a refund of any amounts, excluding the Transaction Processing Fee, that were charged to you incorrectly. AirService™ will generally issue the refund directly to the payment method you’ve registered via the AirService™ platform, and you should receive the refund within 14 days after contacting us.